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Stay updated on recent work to protect children not guns.

Recently Released Research

The Children’s Defense Fund’s Parent and Child Trends Survey was conducted to amplify the voice of children and parents in the national conversation on a wide range of issues, from current worries to future hopes and dreams, and from emotional to physical safety and wellbeing. “School Shootings Spark Everyday Worries” summarizes the survey’s findings on children’s and parent’s views on gun violence and school safety, which show that fear of school shootings is a top concern for families across the country.
The Small Arms Survey recently released Estimating Global Civilian-Held Firearms Numbersa briefing paper on gun ownership in the United States and around the world. This new research shows global firearm ownership is on the rise and America owns nearly half of the world’s 857 million firearms. Read the full briefing paper

Recent Blogs

  • What President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Means for Our Nation’s Children and Families

    President Biden recently released his Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget request to Congress to strengthen the economy, address longstanding racial disparities, and ensure a more equitable future for our children. After a year marked by such dramatic change and drastic negative impact on children’s lives, we need meaningful investments in supports for children and families. President Biden’s FY22 budget request starts to do just that.

  • President Biden is Taking Action to End Gun Violence—and Congress Must Follow Suit

    Today, President Biden announced a series of executive actions to curb America’s longstanding and growing gun violence epidemic. These lifesaving reforms represent the boldest federal action against gun violence in nearly 30 years—and a major victory for the movement to protect children, not guns.

  • “When Will This Madness End?”

    The mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder were far from the first–but they can and must be the last. Too many children are still worrying and wondering “When will this madness end?” This time, let’s give them the answer they deserve: today.

Child Watch® Columns

  • This Is Not Normal

    On April 8 President Biden announced a series of executive actions to curb America’s gun violence epidemic that kills a child or teen every 2 […]

  • More Truths About Guns in America

    On November 6, 17-year-old Da’Qwan Jones-Morris, a former Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools® scholar from St. Paul, Minnesota, was killed when he was accidentally […]

  • The Truth About Guns in America

    “Pop, pop, bang, bang Schools, communities, houses too Nobody’s safe, they’re Coming for you” – 12-year-old boy in Washington, D.C. Once again this week the […]