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  • What Children Need as They Head Back to School This Year

    This school year, as concerns loom large for many families, children need protection from COVID-19, mental health supports, safe and supportive school climates, opportunities to finish learning, and certainty and reassurance about their futures.

  • New Research Confirms Suspensions Harm Students and Target Black Students and Students with Disabilities

    Harsh and exclusionary discipline practices have long-lasting, traumatizing, and potentially life-threatening consequences on students, disproportionately targeting and harming Black students and students with disabilities. As schools consider returning to in-person in the fall, we must ensure our students aren’t returning to a norm of criminalization and harm.

  • It’s Time to Make CHIP Permanent

    More than 700,000 children lost health coverage between 2016 and 2019, even before our country began facing a devastating pandemic that has left more than 28 million Americans infected with COVID-19, including more than three million children. As we work to reverse course and get all eligible children covered, making CHIP permanent is critical so we can depend on it to always be there.

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