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  • Work Requirements Would Undermine the CTC’s Impacts on Racial and Economic Justice

    We know that more than half of Black and Latino children were previously excluded from the CTC because their families did not make enough money to qualify, and re-imposing this racist policy could exclude millions of children of color and reverse the gains our nation has made thus far. As Congress works through  the Build Back Better reconciliation package, the CTC should be  strengthened to reach every  child,  not weakened by cuts or undermined with work requirements.

  • New from CDF: Reflecting on and Reckoning with 25 Years of TANF

    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a key economic support program to help families with children who have very low incomes through a variety of services. TANF marks 25 years in August 2021, a landmark which invites both reflection and reckoning.

  • Why the CTC and Baby Bonds are Smart Investments in our Children

    Let’s correct the historical disinvestment and intentional harm done to our communities of color, and let’s invest in permanent Baby Bonds and an expanded CTC NOW. Congress must include both of these policies in the reconciliation package. It is, foremost, the right thing to do for our children and youth, and it is also smart economics for all.

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