Child Poverty

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  • The House Passes the Raise the Wage Act

    For too many families trying to get by in America, work doesn’t pay. More than a third of the 12.8 million poor children in this country live in families with at least one full-time, year-round worker and, in total, one in nine full-time workers are paid wages that leave them in poverty.

  • America, We Need to Talk. It’s About Poverty.

    Too often, when a politician takes center stage, poverty doesn’t. During the 2016 election, none of the 26 presidential debates focused on poverty. In fact, it’s been more than 30 years since presidential candidates were asked how they would address child poverty on a debate stage. An entire generation of children has grown up in poverty while our leaders have remained silent.

  • Defining Away Poverty

    Earlier this month, the Trump Administration proposed a change to the way the threshold for poverty is calculated that would slowly cut off federal assistance to millions of people.