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  • Homelessness Crisis: Luxury Real Estate Owners Aren’t the Victims

    During a visit to California earlier this week, President Trump made it clear who he believes to be the true victims of the homelessness crisis: luxury real estate owners.

  • Bipartisan House Bill will keep Youth Leaving Foster Care from Homelessness

    As many as one third of the roughly 20,000 youth who age out of foster care each year experience homelessness in the years after emancipation despite being eligible for a special category of housing vouchers, but a new bill aims to fix that.

  • The House Passes the Raise the Wage Act

    For too many families trying to get by in America, work doesn’t pay. More than a third of the 12.8 million poor children in this country live in families with at least one full-time, year-round worker and, in total, one in nine full-time workers are paid wages that leave them in poverty.

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