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Children believe in a brighter future for America. On November 6, let’s prove them right.

With 12.8 million children living in poverty, vital safety net programs under threat, and the continued gun violence epidemic—it’s a scary time to be a child in America.

But despite the challenges they face, when we asked American children how they felt about the future, they were full of hope—for our nation and for their own ability to make a difference.

Children can’t vote, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a stake in this election. On November 6, they’re counting on adults to show up at the polls and vote with their concerns in mind.

Here are three things you can do to help deliver on the promise of a brighter future for America’s children:

  • Read our 2018 Voter Guide, which provides the information you need about the most pressing challenges facing America’s children to help you make informed choices at the ballot box.
  • Take a child to the polls so they can see the power of democracy in action.
  • Show up on November 6 and Vote for Children. To make sure you’re registered, locate your polling place and find out about early and absentee voting options, visit

Children believe in a brighter future—for themselves, for our country and for the world. Join the Children’s Defense Fund in our mission to prove them right.

You can download, share and print the infographics below that highlight what children think about voting, the things that worry them and the future.

Future Infographic
Voting Infographic
Optimism Infographic