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Join thousands of young people and advocates across the nation as we amplify children’s voices through the power of civic engagement! Throughout the summer and fall of 2018 we challenge YOU to encourage at least 5 children to cast a vote for the issues that matter most to them. Adults are welcome to assist young children who may need assistance reading and comprehending the topics listed on the ballot.

Adults who need to register to vote or interested in receiving polling updates are encouraged to sign up with TurboVote!

Kingsley-Faison Freedom School

Children’s Ballot

Thank you for participating in the Children’s Vote! The following questions are options and will be used to help us understand what different groups of children think are the most important issues to children all across the country.

Cast Your Vote

Ready to Maximize Your Impact?

Spread your message through social media to reach your community and broader network of child advocates. Think about what best communicates the message and the power of your action (e.g. pictures, videos, voices of young people, key facts and figures).

Use hashtags: #VoteForChildren and #CDFFreedomSchools

Tag CDF’s social media accounts:

Facebook: @ChildrensDefenseFund

Twitter: @ChildDefender

Instagram: @ChildDefender1973

Which of these topics is most important to you? (number of votes by children)

Education: Children should have access to schools with great teachers and supplies.
Youth Justice: Youth Justice: Children should have opportunities to learn from their mistakes and not go to jail.
Health Care: Children should always have doctors and resources to help them when they are sick.
Gun Violence: Children should be safe from weapons that can hurt them.
Poverty: Children should not be hungry or homeless.