I give because...

"the Children’s Defense Fund gets to the root of the problem."

It’s such a great feeling, to be able to give a small monthly donation, knowing that it is helping to make a difference and impacting a child’s life. 

I grew up in a low single-income home [and as an adult] I noticed that there was a significant difference between growing up low income and how a poor family struggles with poverty in America. Not all children have the opportunity to experience how life turns around when their parent receives the security of a good job.  The realization of this struggle hit me, I have to do something, and I have to do my part. 

I wanted to contribute to the Children’s Defense Fund as much as possible and by sacrificing a cappuccino each day along with one fast food meal each week, the money saved quickly adds up to a monthly donation. These donations will add up to improving a child’s quality of life!

I am blessed to live in the richest nation on earth. The fact that there are suffering children is worth each of us sacrificing a cup of coffee each day.  It is our responsibility as Americans and as adults to have child poverty and child malnutrition resolved once and for all.”