Call to Action: Urge Your Senators to Co-sponsor and Pass the Family First Prevention Services Act NOW!

We need your help to ensure the Family First Prevention Services Act, a major bipartisan bill that would improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families, passes the Senate! The House passed the bill with unanimous support in June and the Senate urgently needs to pass the Family First Act THIS WEEK so dollars to pay for the bill can be preserved. This is a pivotal moment for vulnerable children and families that we cannot afford to lose.

Today, join the Children’s Defense Fund, ZERO TO THREE, American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Child Abuse Coalition, Generations United, First Focus Campaign for Children, Foster Club, Voice for Adoption, and child welfare advocates across the country for a Day of Action to pass the Family First Prevention Services Act! It is critical that Senators hear from as many constituents as possible!

Call (202-224-3121) and email your Senators’ offices! Find your Senator

Call both of your Senators and use the talking points below. To reach your Senators’ offices, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected.

  • As your constituent, I am calling to urge Senator _____ to support and co-sponsor the Family First Prevention Services Act (S. 3065/H.R. 5456). The House of Representatives passed the bill with unanimous support in June. It is now time for the Senate to Act by passing the bill.
  • This bill would improve the lives of vulnerable children and families in [insert state]. It would allow child welfare dollars to be used for prevention services to keep families together and prevent unnecessary foster care placements.
  • It is critical that the Senate act this week to pass the bill. If the bill does not pass by September 30, the end of the fiscal year, a large portion of the offsets included in the bill will expire.
  • Please let Senator ____ know how important the Family First Prevention Services Act is, and that children and families in his/her state would benefit from the bill.
  • Thank you.

Not able to make phone calls? Click here to send an email your Senators.

Tweet your Senators! Tell them: Pass the #FamilyFirstAct to keep children safely w/ families!

Download and Tweet one of the below images and @mention your Senator!

We cannot afford to make our most vulnerable children wait any longer for these critically important reforms! In the 99 days since the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Family First Prevention Services Act 416 children died from maltreatment, 188,379 children were victims of abuse and neglect, 39,777 children were removed from their families and placed into foster care. We must act NOW!