Get the Facts

9 million children need you to help extend CHIP! Please make a call TODAY.

Two months have now passed since Congress let funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expire and now millions of low-income children from working families may now lose their health insurance.  Sadly, once again children are being held hostage to political debates. Created specifically for children, CHIP’s benefits and provider networks ensure children in working families with higher income eligibility than Medicaid have access to child-appropriate services, providers, specialists, and facilities.

The historically strong bipartisan support for CHIP continues with a commitment to a strong five year extension of CHIP, but politics, other priorities and disagreements over pay-fors have kept Congress from moving forward on CHIP.  As a result, agencies and families are truly in crisis mode as states are being forced to use dwindling dollars to plan to shut down their programs and families just at holiday time are being warned they might lose the health care their children depend on to survive and thrive. Thirty states are projected to run out of their federal CHIP funds between now and March 2018.

Congress must move CHIP forward now. Nine million children, pregnant women, their families and communities are depending on it.

Please call (877) 233-9025 TODAY and urge your Senators and Representatives to pass NOW a strong, five-year extension of CHIP that is not accompanied by harmful offsets.  We’re so close to the finish line. There is bipartisan support for CHIP and 9 million children and families are counting on it. 


Look Up your Members of Congress