Core Beliefs

The core beliefs and educational philosophy that guide CDF Freedom Schools and all CDF youth development programs are:

  • All children are capable of learning and achieving at high standards.
  • Culture and community conditions influence child learning.
  • Appreciation and knowledge of one’s culture engenders self worth and the ability to live in community with others.
  • Education, teachers, and mentors are transformative agents.
  • Literacy is essential to personal empowerment and civic responsibility.
  • Effective teaching requires planning, creativity, and implementation, with reflection and processing.
  • Learning communities that offer a sense of safety, love, caring, and personal power are needed for transformative education.
  • Classroom discipline and management are integral parts of instructional practice.
  • Parents are crucial partners in children’s learning and need supports to become better parents.
  • As citizens, children and adults have the power to make a difference in their communities and be advocates for themselves.