Protect Children, Not Guns


Together—with prayer, education, and action—we can help ensure every child a safe start through common sense gun safety laws. For some, this will build on participation in March for Our Lives events responding to the recent Parkland, Florida tragedy. For other places of worship, this may be an initial effort to connect faith to action on ending violence against children in our classrooms and communities. Now is the time to lift up the leadership and direction we expect from all our elected officials and join the courageous young people standing up across the nation to demand our leaders Protect Children, Not Guns.

The following Faith Community Resources will help you plan any number of activities that are appropriate for you and those you lead:

Thank you for joining with people of faith across America to stand up and speak out from our places of worship to demand that we protect children, not guns.

Learn more about CDF's mission to Protect Children Not Guns.