Interactive Small Group Options
(Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

“Haley is a place to rest and renew your spirit, challenge your faith, establish friendships with kindred spirits, hear great preaching, and then be ready and willing to go home and speak out and stand up for children!” 

Steve Wiard, nine-year participant

Meditations for the Journey—7:00-8:00 a.m.
This optional early morning gathering led by Dr. Frederick J. Streets, Proctor co-chaplain-in-residence, generates deep reflection, feeds the spirit, and offers new perspective on the work behind and the work ahead.  Come see why this special time leaves participants especially renewed even though they arose earlier than the others!

Learning from Each Other--Afternoon Workshops from 2:00-4:00 p.m. 
Choose one of eight afternoon workshop options each day.  These interactive, small group sessions  build organizing skills, deepen understanding of policy concerns, introduce programs and strategies that can be replicated back home, and break open new perspectives or understandings of justice, community, children, and the work to which we are called.  There is so much we have to learn from each other, and these intergenerational, interracial, interactive gatherings invite deep listening and learning, sharing and strategizing together.  The workshops are organized in eight “tracks;” choose a workshop from the same track each day or sample workshops from a variety of tracks—the option is yours.  Register for your workshop choices now to secure a spot.

Creating the Children’s Movement--Late Afternoon Options 4:15-6:15 p.m.
Sing, dance, draw, tell stories, heal, process, reflect, converse…late afternoons at CDF’’s Proctor Institute offer opportunities to do that and more.  Ten late afternoon options give you a chance to reflect, express, and engage. Some of the sessions include artistic outcomes that will be incorporated into our Friday morning celebration of worship and commitment.  Artists, activists, advocates, story-tellers, spiritual leaders, singers—together we are creating the children’s movement.  

Late Night Open Mic  8:45-10:00 p.m.
While some head to their hotels after the evening Great Preacher Series concludes at 8:45 p.m., others  are energized by the day and brimming with something to share, to say, to sing. Proctor’s Late Night Open Mic is a time and place to share those gifts with others!  Rev. Damien Durr, Executive Pastor at Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas and former CDF Nashville Organizing Team member and Dr. Michael Brandon McCormack, Assistant Professor of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville, will facilitate this optional late night session.

Afternoon Workshop Options

(2-4 p.m. unless otherwise noted)




Soul Force: Nonviolent Direct Action Community Organizing

Education for Emancipation: From Sabbath Schools to Freedom Schools

CDF Freedom Schools® Program

From Sabbath Schools: Christian Education for Emancipation

Freedom Schools: Bringing the Model to Your Campus

Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline

Challenging the Criminalization of Our Children and Communities

Reset the Heart: Unlearning Violence, Relearning Hope

Redefining Justice from the Inside Out

Prophetic Word

Public Theology and Racial Justice

Preaching for Social Change

50 Years of Progress: Where’s We’ve Been, Where We Are and What’s Next

Health Care for Every Child: Healing Our Broken System

White Supremacy, Trauma and Healing

Dismantling Racism

Dreamers: Building Bridges, Dismantling Walls

Network of Mutuality: Intersecting Justice Movements

The Queer Souls of Black Folks

Late Afternoon Options

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (4:15-6:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted)

Resurrection Choir (5:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

All are welcome to participate in the Resurrection Choir under the direction of Dr. Eli Wilson, Proctor’s Minister of Music, with Don Lewis, Proctor’s organist. Rehearsals are held in the Lodge each evening. The choir sings at the evening Great Preacher Series worship and Morning Devotions, as well as the Closing Celebration of Communion and Commitment. It is never too late to join in, so if you are inspired by the choir on the first night, join for the next!

Building the Movement—Dance!

Dance, song and theater will be used as a form of edutainment. Participants will be engaged in a multilevel experience of liberation arts. All ages welcome.

Facilitated by Rossi Turner, artistic director and choreographer, Rossi Turner Productions

Telling Our Stories of Communities in Crisis

How do we tell the stories of our communities that are constantly under threat? How do we recover the lost histories of ancestors? How do we share the good news of our communities, when society only relates violence, poverty, and suffering? This workshop provides strategies for telling our narratives in life-giving ways and in and through the community.  We will offer practices for reclaiming our lives and narratives for the purpose of healing our communities and enacting social change.  

Facilitated by Dr. Patrick Reyes, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Doctoral Initiatives at the Forum for Theological Exploration, and Brian Barnes, Co-Founder and CEO of TandemEd

Arts, Culture, and Social Change

Join in these participatory sessions to think together about how we can use art to challenge all aspects of the criminal justice system, highlighting the injustices of mass incarceration and the possibilities for change.  Ages 12 and up welcome to come explore with us.

Facilitated by Omari Booker, Nashville studio artist, Rev. Damien Durr, Executive Pastor, Friendship West Baptist Church, Dallas, TX; Dr. Brandon McCormack, Assistant Professor, Department of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville,  and Ndume Olatushani, Consultant to CDF

Facing Trauma: Practices for Healing and Resilience (Tuesday and Thursday)

This workshop will briefly look at how trauma (both experienced and inherited) impacts body and soul.  The majority of time will be spent on learning various simple but effective somatic practices of healing and resilience including breathwork, body sculpting, body movement, finger holds, emotional freedom tapping, etc.  Participants will also be invited to share their strategies for restoration.  There will be time for discussion and questions throughout.

Facilitated by Dr. Elaine Enns, Co-Director of Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries and, on Tuesday, Mauricio Salgado.

To Make a Rest of Motion: Safe Space for Reflections on the Day

In his meditation “To Make a Rest of Motion,” Howard Thurman wrote, “It is ever a grace and a benediction to be able to come to a halt, to stop, to pause, to make a rest of motion. Thus we are privileged to turn aside from the things that occupy and preoccupy our minds in the daily round, to take a long intimate look at ourselves both in retrospect and prospect….”  Each day at CDF’s Proctor Institute is full—full of emotions and insights, full of ideas and information, full of challenge and opportunity, community and commitment. By afternoon, we have heard, seen, and felt things that touch different and deep places in our hearts and minds. You are invited into this time and safe space to “make a rest of motion” and reflect with others on what the day has stirred in you. Join Proctor’s Co-Chaplains in Residence for this time of conversation and contemplation.  All ages are welcome.   

Facilitated by Proctor Co-Chaplains-in-Residence: Rev. Will C. Gipson, Vice Provost for Equity and Access, University of Pennsylvania; Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan Simpson, Executive Pastor, Concord Baptist Church of Christ, Brooklyn; Rev. Dr. Frederick J. (Jerry) Streets, Senior Pastor of Dixwell Avenue Congregational United Church of Christ, New Haven; and Rev. Dr. Theresa S. Thames, Associate Dean of Religious Life and of the Chapel, Princeton University.

Continuing the Conversation

In these sessions, participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with some of the speakers from the morning Children and Justice plenaries in a smaller, more informal and interactive setting.  This will be a time to go deeper into topics that were raised in the morning plenary session and to raise questions, relate experiences, or share thoughts that were raised by the plenary.  

Tuesday: Taylor Branch, historian and author of America in the King Years trilogy;

Wednesday: Jamila Raqib, Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution and Ash-Lee Henderson, Co-Executive Director of the Highland Education and Research Center

Thursday: Dolores Huerta, President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation, and Saira Soto, Deputy Executive Director of CDF-California

Intergenerational Conversation

Come join in this time of informal, intergenerational listening and learning from each other, facilitated by leaders of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro. 

Facilitated by Rev. Nelson N. Johnson, Executive Director of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, and Joyce Hobson Johnson, Director of the Jubilee Institute of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro.

Keeping Children Safely With Families (Offered Tuesday only)

Join us to discuss new opportunities available in your states to keep children safely with their families and out of foster care, or, when foster care is necessary, to keep children safely with quality foster parents. The Family First Prevention Services Act, which became law in February 2018, offers historic reforms to ensure funds are available for mental health and substance use prevention and treatment services and in home parenting skills programs to keep children from entering foster care. Federal dollars are now available for preventive services, not just foster care. And CHAMPS, a national campaign, complements Families First by helping state agencies ensure bright futures for those children who do need foster care by promoting foster parent retention through increased supports for foster parents. Learn more about both and how they can help children in your communities and states.

Facilitated by MaryLee Allen, Director of Policy, Children’s Defense Fund.  

Documentary Screening: Dolores (offered Wednesday only)

Come for a screening of the recent award-winning documentary “Dolores” about Dolores Huerta (Thursday Children and Justice Plenary Speaker) aired on PBS which writes: “History tells us Cesar Chavez transformed the U.S. labor movement by leading the first farm workers’ union.  But missing from this story is his equally influential co-founder, Dolores Huerta, who tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice alongside Chavez, becoming one of the most defiant feminists of the twentieth century.  Like so many powerful female advocates, Dolores and her sweeping reforms were – and still are –largely overlooked. Even as she empowered a generation of immigrants to stand up for their rights, her own relentless work ethic was constantly under attack. False accusations from foes and friends alike, of child neglect and immoral behavior from a woman who married three times and raised 11 children, didn’t dampen her passion or deter her from her personal mission. She remains as steadfast in her fight as ever at the age of 87. Peter Bratt’s provocative and energizing documentary challenges this incomplete, one-sided history and reveals the raw, personal stakes involved in committing one’s life to the fight for justice. Interweaving archival footage with interviews from Dolores and her contemporaries, the film sets the record straight on one of the most effective and undervalued civil and labor rights leaders in modern U.S. history.”

Organizing a Children’s Sabbath as a Catalyst for Change (offered Thursday only)

Learn how you can engage your congregation in the National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths celebration, a nation-wide multifaith weekend of worship, education, and action to generate year-round change for children. This will be an interactive workshop generating practical planning strategies and creative ideas for worship, education, outreach and advocacy that you can take back to your congregation and community to engage them in the 2018 Children’s Sabbath.

Facilitated by the Rev. Shannon Daley-Harris, CDF Senior Religious Adviser and Proctor Institute Director.