Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute
for Child Advocacy Ministry

“If you want the opportunity and the chance to meet, hear, and see history in the making, come to this Institute. It opens your mind, heart, and soul to issues you didn’t think were important or relevant and drives you to do more and better.” 

Joi Adams, first-time participant

Movement-building is hard work. We can’t do it alone. We can’t do it virtually. One generation alone can’t get it done. We need each other and deep spiritual sustenance to keep going and create the just world our children deserve. CDF’s Proctor Institute is where we can sing and pray, strategize and struggle, organize and advocate, and share our stories—our hurts and hopes, pain and passion for justice, in Beloved Community. The spiritual home of the children’s movement, the Proctor Institute on the storied grounds of CDF Haley Farm is where we refresh and renew to that we can continue the hard, hopeful, sacred work of realizing Dr. King’s vision for every child and ending child poverty. Plan now to join us, July 16-20. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

CDF’s 2018 Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry is July 16-20. See the full schedule!

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Join clergy, seminarians, religious educators, community organizers, young adult leaders and other faith-based advocates in the intergenerationalinterracial, multi-ethnic, ecumenical community pursuing justice for our nation’s children. Whether you are a first-timer, regular attendee, or alum returning after time away, we are eager to welcome you home to CDF Haley Farm for an unforgettable week of preaching, teaching, workshops, conversation, singing, strategizing, making art and building the movement for children.  At CDF’s Proctor Institute, civil rights icons and students, community organizers and seminarians, advocates and artists form a Beloved Community committed to making Dr. King’s vision of our nation cherishing every child and ending child poverty a reality.

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