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Site Coordinators

Site coordinators must be at least twenty-one years of age and have completed at least one year of college. Site coordinators are responsible for ensuring that the CDF Freedom Schools program model is implemented properly. Site coordinators also are responsible for the management of the day-to-day activities of the site, ensuring servant leader interns have necessary materials and supplies for the classroom and children. Site coordinators are key to maintaining team spirit among the local CDF Freedom Schools staff and must conduct debrief sessions at the end of each day. During the debrief sessions, site coordinators should provide technical assistance and feedback to the servant leader interns on all aspects of their work. Site coordinators, or other designee, should design and coordinate parent workshops. Site coordinators and project directors should maintain open communication among parents, staff, and executive directors.

Site coordinators must be selected no later than February 22, 2011. Only new site coordinators are required to attend the CDF Freedom Schools Orientation and Training Meeting at Haley Farm on March 17-22, 2011. Sponsor Organizations are responsible for all travel and lodging costs associated with attending this mandatory March meeting. All site coordinators (regardless of the number of years he/she has been a site coordinator) must attend the CDF Freedom Schools National Site Coordinator Pre-Training and June Training, June 3-12, 2011 at Haley Farm. Sponsor organizations will be responsible for travel costs associated with this mandatory June meeting. Site coordinators should arrive on the evening of Thursday, June 2nd and depart with their servant leader interns on Sunday, June 12th.

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