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Participate in the Program

How can you become involved in a CDF Freedom Schools program? The following opportunities are available.

Project Director
Project directors are primarily responsible for coordinating the flow of the resources, facilitating activities among the local sponsor and program sites, and communicating with the Children's Defense Fund.  Project directors are hired by each individual sponsor organization and/or site. Learn more about the Project Director position.  

Site Coordinator
Site coordinators should be experienced in working with large groups of children and in partnerships with adults.  A strong site coordinator is responsible, energetic, able to think on his or her feet, well organized and a strong role model.  Site coordinators are hired by each individual sponsor organization and/or site. Learn more about the Site Coordinator position. 

Ella Baker Trainer
Ella Baker trainers are hired and contracted through the Children's Defense Fund.  Ella Baker trainers play a major role in the effectiveness of the CDF Freedom Schools program.  They are current and past servant leader interns who will assist training local program staff and provide programmatic and technical support.  They also take on leadership roles at the annual Ella Baker Child Policy Training Institute, as they are responsible for delivering key components of the CDF Freedom Schools program. Learn more about becoming an Ella Baker Trainer and how to apply.

Servant Leader Interns
Servant leader interns are college age youth and recent college graduates providing the front-line care and nurturing of the children.  Using the integrated reading curriculum, they serve as facilitators in the classroom and as leaders of parent workshops and community outreach activities. Learn more about the Servant Leader Intern position.

All CDF Freedom Schools programs are expected to operate at no charge to all families; therefore volunteers are always welcomed with open arms.  Every individual has strengths and talents that can only enhance the functioning and programming of a CDF Freedom Schools program. Interested? View the list of program sites to contact the appropriate individuals.