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Freedom Schools Contact Info for the National Office

CDF National Office
25 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Main Tel: 202-628-8787
Main Fax: 202-662-3570

Dr. Thomas Maridada
Director of National Education,
Policy, Practice and Strategic Initiatives
Tel: (202) 662-3626

Dr. Jeanne Middleton-Hairston
National Director (Admin Leave)
Tel: 202-662-3546 

Dr. Eric Mayes
Executive Director, Michigan Expansion
Tel: 202-662-1918

Allison Merfeld
Program Associate for Quaility Assurance
Tel: 202-662-3589

Janet Canada
Program Assistant for Quality Assurance
Tel: 202-662-3628

Leslie Carpenter
Senior Administrative Assistant
Tel: 202-662-3596

Dr. Cameron Van Patterson
Director of Internal Operations and Quality Assurance
Tel: (202) 662-3654

CDF-Marlboro County Office
117 Cheraw Street
Bennettsville, SC 29512
Tel: 843-479-5310
Fax: 843-479-0605

Robin Sally
Director of the CDF/Marlboro County Office
and the National CDF Freedom Schools
program Senior Manager for Curriculum
Tel: 843-479-5310

Shaquite Pegues
Senior Program Associate &
Ella Baker Coordinator
Tel: 843-479-5310

Mary Fennell
Office Manager, CDF Marlboro County
Tel: 843-479-5310

Rubystine Bridges
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 843-479-5310