Fostering Connections for Success

Law will Help Hundreds of Thousands of Children and Youth in Foster Care

On October 7, 2008, President Bush signed into law the Fostering Connection to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act (H.R. 6893/P.L. 110-351). This act will help hundreds of thousands of children and youth in foster care by promoting permanent families for them through relative guardianship and adoption and improving education and health care. Additionally, the bill will extend federal support for youth to age 21 and increase their opportunities for success when they finally leave care. The Fostering Connections Act also will offer many American Indian children important federal protections and support for the first time. 

By providing children in foster care with what they need to thrive, we help to ensure that society will not pay the greater cost later on when these youth are forced to leave foster care at age 18 without an education, connections to their families and communities, or the support they need to succeed as adults. This bill is an important step forward to improving the lives of our nation's children and offering these most vulnerable children meaningful family connections.

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CDF serves as the Lead Partner for the Kinship/Guardianship Network for the Fostering Connections Resource Center, which provides information, training and tools related to furthering the implementation of the Fostering Connections law.  The Resource Center connects those implementing or advocating for the improvements in the act with the latest information and the best experts and advocates working on these issues.