Out-of-School Time Learning and Enrichment

The CDF Freedom Schools® program provides summer and after-school enrichment to help children become engaged with reading, increase their self-esteem and have a more positive attitude toward school and learning. In the summer of 2014 there were 202 Freedom Schools in 107 communities in 28 states and the District of Columbia. Fourteen of these sites were Freedom Schools operated in juvenile justice system settings in California, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas. Juvenile corrections staff noted the benefits of the program for youths, who were able to express themselves and feel successful in the CDF Freedom Schools environment. Since 2010, CDF has continued to expand the number of CDF Freedom Schools programs in juvenile justice settings to give more students access to quality enrichment programs and a chance for positive rehabilitation. Read more about the impact the program has had in California, and learn more about the CDF Freedom Schools program.