What about Young Adults?

The Affordable Care Act is making health care more affordable and accessible for 19 million uninsured young adults across the country. More than 3 million previously uninsured young adults have already joined their parents’ health insurance plan as a result of the health care law, and millions more young adults gained access to new coverage options as of January 1, 2014.

Our friends at the Young Invincibles are leading the charge with a nationwide campaign designed to inform young adults about the changes and new options to come. Learn more by exploring their website with frequently asked questions and a mobile app to help consumers learn about their options, find local health care services, and get information on enrollment events to be held this fall.

The ACA also reached another group of vulnerable young adults. It provides that young people in foster care on their 18th birthday are eligible for Medicaid and may continue receiving Medicaid pretty much automatically to age 26. Members of Congress were trying to offer similar protections to youth in foster care to those made available to young adults eligible for private insurance under their parents’ plan. States must provide Medicaid coverage to these young people if they continue to reside in the state in which they were in foster care on their 18th birthday. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has clarified that states have the option to decide whether to continue Medicaid coverage for young adults who move to a new state when they exit foster care after their 18th birthday.