Faces of Child Poverty

All too often, when we talk about poverty in abstract terms, we fail to appreciate the impact of poverty on real children’s lives. The following portraits from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Julia Cass remind us that there is no one face of child poverty, but that in every case, poverty takes a toll that no child should have to bear. The stories chronicle the daily struggles to provide children with food and shelter, health care and educational support, and find stable employment paying a livable wage in one of the richest countries on earth. Read their stories.

Read more about what it’s really like to grow up in poverty in CDF’s 2010 report Held Captive: Child Poverty in America, an account of the harm poverty inflicts on children in Quitman County, Miss., Katrina-displaced children in Baton Rouge, La., and children of the newly poor in Long Island, N.Y.