Child Care

Ensuring working families and their children have access to safe, affordable and high quality child care.


Quality child care is a crucial support for working families and their children; however, access is out of reach for far too many. High costs and non-traditional work schedules force many families to use care that is lower-quality and at times creates unsafe environments for children. The federal government recognizes the challenges families face in accessing care and provides subsidies through the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) to reduce the cost of care and support investments in quality; however, funding for the program has not kept pace with inflation and the program only serves 1 in 4 eligible children under age 6.

CDF believes that all children deserve access to high-quality, safe child care environments that nurture their developing brains, foster social skills and allow their parents or guardians to work. We support efforts to reauthorize and increase funding for CCDBG so all families who need it have access to quality, affordable child care.