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The New Economic Recovery Law: Unemployment Assistance and Workforce Development Resources

The Children's Defense Fund has gathered useful materials from federal agencies, congressional sources, and advocacy and other organizations that can help you become familiar with the Recovery Act funding and program activities available in states and communities. The New Economic Recovery Law: Resources to Help Children and the Economy provides links to these materials. This section of the guide provides information and resources for unemployment assistance and workforce development and will be updated frequently to provide the latest and most helpful resources. 

Unemployment Assistance and Workforce Development

Departmental and Congressional Organizations

Advocacy and Other Organizations

  • Green for All and Policy Link: "Bringing Home the Green Recovery: A User’s Guide."  A guide to using Recovery Act dollars to build an inclusive green economy focused on disadvantaged communities. It focuses on funding for job training and education, transportation and infrastructure, incentives for renewable energy, and other energy related programs. It describes how the new dollars can be used to build a greener economy and create employment opportunities to help lift families, youth and other individuals out of poverty.  
  • National Employment Law Project (NELP): "Concise Guide to Assistance for Jobless Workers in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act," March 2009. This guide details the specific provisions relating to the expansion and modernization of unemployment insurance benefits. The NELP web site also includes a state-by-state chart of reform options to receive the full incentive funding, a series of questions and answers about the unemployment modernization reforms, and their anticipated state by state allocations.
  • The Workforce Alliance: This web site includes information on the range of workforce development programs, including youth development. It includes a side by side chart that describes how the new provisions apply to existing workforce programs and the funding allotted for each.