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Champions for Children's Health Stroller Brigade

Champions for Children's Health Stroller Brigade

Nov. 4 - Washington, DC | Nov. 5-8 - Across the Country

Join Us In Standing Together for Children:  Congress is debating health reform legislation that could leave millions of children worse rather than better off and fails to fix bureaucratic, unfair barriers to care. This must be changed now!

What We Are Demanding:  Congress and the President must support changes that provide comprehensive, affordable, accessible care for all children no matter where they live. Changes must build on what works in the system and fix what doesn’t work for children now.

Actions You Can Take:  Although our stroller brigades in Washington, DC and across the country are now over, you can still participate in our Virtual Stroller Brigade!

Learn more about the 60 national organizations and nearly 100 state and local organizations that are supporting our Champions for Children's Health Stroller Brigade campaign!

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November 5-8
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November 4
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