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May 26, 2011

Senate Rejects House Budget Resolution

Yesterday, the Senate rejected four budget proposals, among them the House-passed FY 2012 Budget resolution that would have cut lifelines and dismantled protections for children and low income families from cradle to college. The legislation was rejected on a 57-40 vote, with five Republicans joining Democrats in opposition. Over 10 years, the House-passed “Ryan Budget” would have slashed $4.3 trillion in critical services and supports, nearly two-thirds of which directly serve children and low-income families, all the while giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. It would also have cut Medicaid by more than $770 billion, repealed the landmark health reform legislation, cut funding for the 9.4 million students relying on Pell Grants to attend college, restricted access for food stamps, which would have taken away $147 a month from a low-income family of four, and cut $1,500 in the Child Tax Credit for a family with two children with a parent working full-time at the minimum wage.

However, even with the Ryan budget off the table, the threat of devastating cuts and fundamental changes to programs serving children and other vulnerable populations is far from over. Stay tuned and we will keep you apprised of these threats, as well as opportunities to weigh in on behalf of children.

Senators will be back home next week for the Memorial Day recess while the House of Representatives will be in session.

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