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Violence Resources

Creating a level playing field for all children is a mission that CDF cannot accomplish alone. We often work with or refer people to many other organizations nationwide who are working to improve the lives of children. A list of some of them is below.

  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
    The Brady Campaign, an affiliate of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, works to create an America free from gun violence by advocating enforcement of regulations governing the gun industry. Its activities include working to elect anti-gun officials, organizing grassroots activism and increasing public awareness about gun violence. Annual scorecards from the Brady Campaign (www.stategunlaws.org) rate each state on its gun laws to illustrate what else can be done to protect families and communities from gun violence.
  • Campaign to Close the Gun Show Loophole
    A coalition of individuals who advocate for legislative changes to close gun show loopholes to prevent felons, criminals, terrorists, gang members, and other dangerous individuals from purchasing guns without background checks.
  • Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
    The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has 48 national organizational members and conducts research, strategic engagement, and effective policy advocacy to reduce gun violence.
  • Ella Baker Center
    The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is a strategy and action center working for justice, opportunity and peace in urban America. Based in Oakland, California, we promote positive alternatives to violence and incarceration through our four cutting-edge campaigns.
  • Gun Policy News
    Hosted by School of Public Health at University of Sydney in Australia, it shares information about global efforts to prevent and reduce gun injury. The daily bulletin has global gun news, including from the United States, updates on firearm policy, and relevant articles published in mass media. The organization and its publication promotes the public health model as a form of firearm injury prevention.
  • Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV)
    A public interest law center dedicated to preventing gun violence. It focuses on gun policy reform at the state and local level and conducts legal research to educate and inform communities about effective measures.
  • Mayors Against Illegal Guns
    A coalition representing over 340 mayors from more than 40 states organized by the public officials who have very significant responsibilities to enforce the law and protect their constituents. Its activities include informing members and the public about initiatives supported by the coalition, such as reporting lost and stolen guns, creating gun offender registries, instituting regional data-sharing systems, and providing tip lines and buybacks for illegal guns.
  • Million Mom March
    As part of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Million Mom March is a national network of 75 chapters that fights gun violence which it views as a public health crisis. Each local chapter works to build coalitions to fight gun violence, pass sensible federal and state gun legislation, and educate the public on gun violence by incorporating victim and survivor stories.
  • National Network for Juvenile Justice
    A network of 32 local, state, and federal advocates across 30 states who address issues including gangs, crime data, and the school to prison pipeline. Its activities include connecting state advocates with one another to share information on juvenile justice, producing publications on timely issues such as youth reentry, and hosting conferences to disseminate information on topics such as girls in detention and conditions of LGBT confinement.
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Reclaiming Futures
    Reclaiming Futures helps young people in trouble with drugs, alcohol, and crime. In 2001, with a $21 million investment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 10 founding communities located throughout the United States began reinventing the way police, courts, detention facilities, treatment providers, and the community work together to meet this urgent need.
  • States United to Prevent Gun Violence Research and Education Fund (SUPGV)
    An association of statewide gun violence prevention organizations who share best practices, programs and legislative ideas. In May 2006, they launched a campaign against illegal guns to reduce the flow of guns from legal to illegal markets. Since this campaign’s initiation, many of the state members of SUPGV have been continuing their work to highlight the illegal gun problems in their own states.