Policy Priorities

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Creating a level playing field for all children is a mission that CDF cannot accomplish alone. We often work with or refer people to many other organizations nationwide who are working to improve the lives of children. A list of some of them is below.

  • Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP)
    For more than twenty years, the Center for Public Policy Priorities has been a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization committed to improving public policies and private practices to better the economic and social conditions of low- and moderate-income Texans. The Center's work is divided into workforce and economic development; access to public benefits, including health care, food, and cash assistance; child protection; school finance; state and federal tax and budget analysis; and family economic security. CPPP is also the Texas home to KIDS COUNT, a state-by-state effort to track and promote the well-being of children. CPPP also chairs and directs the Texas CHIP Coalition.
  • Coalition for Texas Children
    The mission of the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Leadership Forum, Texas Care for Children, is to join and strengthen diverse leaders to better serve the public good through an intense yearlong program that fosters learning and trust among experienced leaders from every sector of our community. The result is a unique forum where barriers between people are removed, issues are openly discussed, and solutions emerge that benefit the entire community.
  • Equal Justice Initiative
    The Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama is a private, nonprofit organization that provides legal representation to indigent defendants and prisoners who have been denied fair and just treatment in the legal system.
  • One Voice
    One Voice supports the need for strong prevention and early intervention programs, and the ability to maximize federal funding for health and human service programs in Texas, so that we can "Keep Texas dollars working in Texas."
  • Texans Care for Children
    Texans Care for Children works to improve the lives of Texas children by building commitment and action for improved public policy and programs. Their issues include: child poverty and family economic security; child and maternal health; children’s mental health; early care and education; child welfare; and at-risk youth and juvenile justice.
  • Texas Criminal Justice Coalition - Juvenile Justice Initiative
    TCJC’s Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI) advocates for juvenile justice policy solutions that maximize opportunities for troubled youth to become productive, law-abiding adults. Through educational outreach, JJI promotes reallocation of juvenile justice funding toward community-based alternatives to incarceration, treatment for substance abuse and mental health problems, juvenile drug courts, and restorative justice practices.
  • Texas Early Childhood Development Coalition (TECEC)
    The mission of the Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition is to build a system of quality early care and education that prepares children in Texas for success in their education and life.
  • Texas Finish Line Campaign
    CDF-TX initiative in collaboration with CPPP and Texans Care for Children to ensure all Texas children have access to affordable and comprehensive health coverage.
  • Texas Juvenile Justice Roundtable
    TJJR's mission is to create an effective juvenile justice system that practices prevention and rehabilitation and offers opportunities for youth to succeed, thereby supporting strong and safe communities. Guiding Principles include: involving parents and guardians in processes affecting youth; diverting youth who are non-violent, diagnosed with mental health challenges, and/or cognitive/ developmental disabilities from the juvenile justice system; ensuring justice for victims of juvenile crime; Controlling costs to taxpayers; protecting the rights of youth in facilities; and decreasing public school practices that funnel students into the juvenile justice system.
  • TexProtects (Texas Association for the Protection of Children from Abuse & Neglect)
    TexProtects grew out of the advocacy effort of the Child Abuse Prevention Advocacy Commission (CAPAC), a Dallas based umbrella group organized specifically to advocate for strengthening CPS, especially in the North Texas Region. CAPAC has a successful track record in organizing, training advocates and spurring them into action. Members receive, circulate and act on advocacy action alerts for a total of over 520 active advocates statewide.