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Copy of 2012 National Conference Plenary Sessions

Why We Must End Massive Economic Inequality in America and Rescue Our Children from Epidemic Poverty, Unjust Budget Cuts and a Vanishing American Dream

Why the Middle School Years Matter for Black Boys Opening Session for the “Middle School Matters: Improving the Life Course of Black Boys” Symposium

Where Has All the Progress Gone? Are We Moving Backward in a Second Post-Reconstruction Era? How Do We Move Forward Again?

The National Imperative for Preparing All Children for School and Building a Public Education System That Prepares All Children and Our Nation for the Future

Ending the Cradle to Prison Pipeline™ and Mass Incarceration – the New American Jim Crow

Saving Democracy: Creating One America

Building Personal, Public and Spiritual Will to Protect Children — Our Poorest Americans

National and Racial Healing Town Hall

Closing Our Courage and Action Gaps All Across Our Land and Action Charge