The Children's Defense Fund's "Main Street USA" Video

Release Date: June 30, 2009


"Main Street USA," is the third video in a series of four aimed at engaging the public on the issue of children's health coverage and urging Congress to enact comprehensive reform to provide quality, affordable health coverage to all people, especially children—this year. Each video highlights one of the principles CDF is urging lawmakers to include in health care reform legislation.

Our health care system is broken and it's hurting Main Streets across our nation. Keeping Main Street healthy and strong is very important for our economy, but with health care costs skyrocketing, some small businesses have to cut workers’ insurance just to stay competitive—affecting , families and children from coast to coast. And for each uninsured person, we lose about $4,500 annually in economic activity. That’s more than $200 billion a year!
So, where's the hope for Main Street?

With America’s children, of course! But with millions of families unable to afford health care and nine million children without any coverage at all, things aren’t looking optimistic for Main Street without real reform—especially for children—this year.

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