The Children's Defense Fund's "Lottery of Geography" Video

Release Date: July 30, 2009


"Lottery of Geography," is the fourth video in a series of four aimed at engaging the public on the issue of children's health coverage and urging Congress to enact comprehensive reform to provide quality, affordable health coverage to all people, especially children—this year. Each video highlights one of the principles CDF is urging lawmakers to include in health care reform legislation.

Did you know that whether or not a family can afford to provide quality health coverage for their child often depends on where they live? It’s true!

The criteria (family income and a child’s age) that determine whether or not a child qualifies for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) or Medicaid vary from state to state. And the enrollment process, the benefits covered and the availability of doctors that will accept children enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP can also be different if you live in California, Texas or Florida.

The result? A confusing health care system where if a family moves to another state, it can mean a child loses health coverage.

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