The Children's Defense Fund's "Access Denied" Video

Release Date: June 16, 2009


"Access Denied," is the second video in a series of four aimed at engaging the public on the issue of children's health coverage and urging Congress to enact comprehensive reform to provide quality, affordable health coverage to all people, especially children—this year. Each video highlights one of the principles CDF is urging lawmakers to include in health care reform legislation.

For too long, big insurance has gotten between families and their doctors. Insurance companies have the power to decide who gets coverage, what medical treatment they’ll pay for, and they set the prices for coverage. Meanwhile, working families face impossible barriers to obtaining health coverage imposed by insurance companies that make enormous profits and pay their CEOs and top managers fat compensation packages.

Real health reform will put families back in control of their children’s health care, guaranteeing every child access to all medically necessary services to maximize their children’s health and development.

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