U.S. Cites Rise in Health Plan Signups as Sebelius Testifies

The New York Times

December 11, 2013


WASHINGTON — The number of people selecting health insurance plans in the federal and state marketplaces increased in November at a brisk pace, bringing the total to date to nearly 365,000, or more than triple the number who signed up in October, the Obama administration said on Wednesday. More than a quarter-million people picked health plans last month, and more than half of them were in state-run exchanges, the administration said. In the federal exchange, 110,400 people chose health plans last month, four times as many as in October, when the federal website prevented many consumers from seeing details of health plans. The new enrollment numbers do not reflect reports of a surge in sign-ups since the end of November, when the administration had promised improved performance for most users of the website. In the first week of December, about 112,000 people selected plans through the federal marketplace, according to people familiar with the project, which would mean enrollments for this month have already outpaced those in November.
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