Brooklyn Pantry Struggling to Help Fill Gap Left by Federal Cuts to Food Stamps

The New York Times

November 25, 2013


In the middle of last week, panic set in at the food pantry in Brooklyn run by the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger. Staff members there alerted their boss, Melony Samuels, that their stock of produce and staples was being “wiped out” and at the rate people were lining up for food, the pantry would be bare before the weekend. So Dr. Samuels did something she said was a first: She called in the “cavalry,” pleading for money from donors and deliveries from sources like the Food Bank for New York City. Dr. Samuels and other advocates for poor New Yorkers attributed the spike in demand at the city’s hundreds of food pantries and soup kitchens to a cutback in the federal food stamps program on Nov. 1.
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