Race to the Top: Start With Strengths

HuffPost Education

October 1, 2012


Every student is unique -- each has a set of talents and goals that, if recognized and cultivated, will lead them to achieve long-term success and a fulfilling future. But many U.S. schools are missing the mark on helping students discover and maximize their unique talents. Less than half of America's students strongly agree that they get to do what they do best every day, according to the Gallup Student Poll. That means millions of students are focusing on the wrong things, while their talents are languishing unnoticed -- likely leaving them bored and frustrated. What these young scholars need is help understanding and developing what it is they are really good at -- a personalized approach to how and what they need to learn. In essence, today's students need to know what their strengths are -- and education leaders need to teach students how to use these strengths.
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