Keeping Families Together Matters

Huffington Post

April 30, 2012


Many of our public systems have embraced supportive housing for their highest need populations. And now child welfare agencies are poised to incorporate supportive housing into the range of services they offer to families in need as well. As we end National Child Abuse Prevention Month, I want to turn a spotlight on the very vulnerable families in our communities, and think about how supportive housing can make a difference for the children who are a part of them. We've learned that there is a subset of families in which parents face deep-rooted, intractable challenges like extreme poverty, homelessness, behavioral health issues and social isolation. Regardless of their intentions, those parents cannot provide a stable home for their children if those issues are unaddressed. The result? Our child protective system must choose between two terrible options: removing children from their home or allow them to remain living in an unstable environment. Neither is what we want for the children in our communities.
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