Spending on Education is a Business Investment

The Houston Chronicle

June 30, 2011


Earlier this week, CNBC released its annual ranking of America's Top States for Business. For five years, Texas and Virginia have traded the top spot. Last year, Texas was ranked first. This year, Virginia took the top spot while Texas dropped to No. 2. While those in Texas might bemoan this short fall from grace, a more constructive exercise might be to spend some time examining the data. What else is headed in opposite directions? Education. According to the CNBC press release, "Education and business go hand in hand." Not only do companies want to draw from an educated pool of workers from both high schools and higher-education institutions, they also seek university partners in research and development. So traditional K-12 measures such as test scores, class size and spending were included in the analysis along with metrics on higher education institutions in each state.
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