Local youths gain from, then give back to Freedom Schools

The Charlotte Observer

August 8, 2011


Struggling to read well in school is something Kyla Hopper can relate to.Now a 15-year-old Shelby High student, Kyla remembers toiling with reading in third grade, sure that it would never get easier, that it would never work - even failing her End of Grade test. The summer after that failure, in 2005, Kyla's grandmother, Angela Jeter, enrolled her in a literacy-based program called Freedom School - and reading finally began to click.The next year, she was able to catch up academically. She kept coming to Freedom School in the summer. She kept passing her EOGs handily. And this year, although she has aged out of available programming, she's back at Freedom School - but as a "junior servant leader," telling her story of triumph to kids, and helping other volunteers, interns as the site coordinator at Highland Renaissance Elementary.
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