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CDF Monthly eNewsletters

The CDF Monthly eNewsletter provides an update on CDF's efforts to be a voice for children, issues affecting America's children and how you can take action on those issues.

CDF Monthly eNewsletter Archives

November 2014
Your Chance to Make a Difference

October 2014
Building a Better Tomorrow

September 2014
Progress and Possibilities for Children

August 2014
Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate August

July 2014
Children at the Border

June 2014
Get in Trouble Today

May 2014
Freedom Summer

April 2014
Tune In at 10:30

March 2014
This Round Goes in Favor of Gun Safety

February 2014
What Parents And Teachers Need to Know

January 2014
10 Best and Worst

December 2013
Great Opportunity

November 2013
Thank You

October 2013
Show and Tell

September 2013
CDF Turns 40

August 2013
We March On

July 2013
Celebrate With Us

June 2013
Honoring Hillary Rodham Clinton

May 2013
Did You Know?

April 2013
The 90 Percent

March 2013
Highest Honor

February 2013
Pop Quiz

January 2013
Be Bold. Be Courageous. Act Now.

December 2012
Whatever It Takes

November 2012
Tomorrow Begins Today

October 2012
Get Out and VOTE for Children!

September 2012
The 25 Percent

August 2012
Fighting Back Against Voter Suppression

July 2012
Be Careful What You Cut

June 2012
Great Victory for Children

May 2012
Announcing Conference Speakers

April 2012
Running on Empty

March 2012
How Many Children Must Die?

February 2012
It's Time for Action

January 2012
7 Actions for 7 days

December 2011
Looking Forward for Children

November 2011
Don't Give Up

October 2011
Thanksgiving Deadline

September 2011
American Dream Vanishing

August 2011
Good News: Back-to-School with Health Insurance

July 2011
America Defaults

June 2011
Declaration for Dependants

May 2011
A Band-Aid Won't Cover 14 Million Cuts

April 2011
Join the Majority

March 2011
Leave No Corporation Behind

February 2011
Budget Watch

January 2011
Join CDF's Newest Campaign

December 2010
Children in America Held Captive

November 2010
Children's Futures are at Risk Right Now

October 2010
Step Forward for Children on November 2nd!

September 2010
How Well Do Your Members of Congress Protect Children?

August 2010
There is No Place to Hide from Gun Violence

July 2010
Nutrition is Critical to a Healthy Start

June 2010
Let’s Finish the Job and Sign Children Up!

May 2010
The State of America's Children

April 2010
Demand Equity in Education

March 2010
A Great Step Forward for Children

February 2010
The President Proposes Important Investments for Children

January 2010
Times are Hard

December 2009
Our Holiday Wish: Health Coverage for All Children

November 2009
Health Reform Confusing You? Use Our Guide!

October 2009
Are You a Champion for Children's Health?

September 2009
When it Comes to Gun Violence, How Does Your State Fare?

August 2009
You've Told Them...Now Show Them

July 2009
Why Are Children Being Left Out of Health Reform?

June 2009
New Video: Where's the Hope for Main Street?

May 2009
2 Ways to Keep the Momentum

April 2009
Live Webcast with CDF President Marian Wright Edelman

March 2009
Tell Congress to Pass the Budget Resolution

February 2009
What Does the State of the Nation and Recovery Package Mean for Children?

January 2009
Children's Health Coverage: Unfinished Business and the Next Chapter

December 2008
Just Released: State of America's Children 2008 Report

November 2008
New Videos: CDF President on MTV and Reese Witherspoon on American Idol

October 2008
4 Steps for November 4

September 2008
New Video: Karim Asks for a Health Coverage "Bailout"

August 2008
Jennifer Lopez Honors CDF President Marian Wright Edelman

July 2008
Thousands of Youth Rally for Children's Health Coverage

June 2008
What's Rising With Gas Prices? Quiz Yourself.

May 2008
Protect Yourself With Our Summer Survival Guide

April 2008
Bush Admin. Risks Health Coverage for Millions of Children

March 2008
How Did Working Families Lose $3 Billion in Tax Benefits?

February 2008
Take Action: Further Restrictions on Children's Access to Health Coverage

January 2008
Remembering Dr. King

December 2007
Holiday Survival Guide, eCards, and New Video

November 2007
Confused About SCHIP? Try Our New Interactive Tools!

October 2007
What's Scaring Kids Most This Halloween?

September 2007
How Did Your Elected Officials Vote?

August 2007
Shocking New Data on Uninsured Children

July 2007
Critical Week for Children, Thousands of Youth Take Action

June 2007
Healthy Child Campaign Update: Help Keep the Momentum Going!

May 2007
10 Easy Ways You Can Support Children Today

April 2007
214,000 Uninsured Children Born - There is a Solution

March 2007
Elect Susie, Upcoming Events, New Resources

February 2007
Do Your Members of Congress Protect Children?