Marian Wright Edelman’s Response to the National Rifle Association’s Plan to Turn Schools into Armed Fortresses

Immediate Release
April 2, 2013
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Raymonde Charles
Press Secretary
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WASHINGTON, DC – Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children’s Defense Fund, released the statement below in response to the report commissioned by the National Rifle Association:

“Why is the NRA afraid of the truth? The truth is there is no evidence that armed guards or police officers in schools make children safer.  Columbine High School had an armed guard, and Virginia Tech had a full campus police force.

“Today’s report is nothing more than a continuation of the NRA’s attempts to prey on America’s fears, saturate our schools with more guns and turn them into armed fortresses. It must be soundly rejected. 

“It is long past time for us to protect child safety instead of guns. We must not allow the gun lobby to enrich gun manufacturers at the expense of our children’s education and safety. ”