Leveling the Playing Field with the Children’s Defense Fund

Los Angeles Sentinel

April 13, 2016


The Children’s Defense Fund gathered a panel of five women from different age groups and ethnicities at the California African American Museum to have an open conversation about what children need on Thursday, March 31. In honor of the last day of Women’s History Month, the CDF wanted to include a diverse group of women, from teachers to senators, to give their insight. The conversation presented topics of the effects of mass incarceration, racism and poverty on children. “It was very enlightening to see The Children’s Defense Fund, people who are actually trying to further education and not just bring kids to prison,” said Kaitlin Mills, 22, one of the audience members who is thinking of getting into education. “It’s insane to me how many people give up on children and just send them away instead of trying to help them.”
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