Reducing child poverty should be everyone's goal: Sharon Broussard

Cleveland Plain Dealer

July 7, 2015


When some members of Congress see Marian Wright Edelman coming, they head in the opposite direction, she says. Fortunately, the 76-year-old Edelman, who has spent more than 40 years lobbying Congress on behalf of kids in need, won't go away. Edelman is executive director of the Children's Defense Fund in Washington, D.C. With two pendants featuring Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, the nation's earliest civil-rights advocates, around her neck, she is willing to put everyone on the hot seat in her blistering defense of America's poverty-stricken children. And anyone concerned about the future of Greater Cleveland should pay attention to this modern-day Jeremiah and push Congress to reduce child poverty now. Edelman was blunt about Cleveland's child-poverty rates during a recent visit. "Your numbers (of poor children) are disgusting. It will be Cleveland's undoing and the U.S.' undoing," said Edelman, who argues that poverty damages our country's future.
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