Staring Down Homelessness, Yet Again

The New York Times

November 7, 2013


“I’ve been in group homes my whole life,” Ms. Rivera said. “It’s not fun. But I mean, after a while, you’re just like: ‘Where’s my home? Who cares about me? Nobody cares about me. I’m doing this by myself.’ “ She hoped that the apartment would allow her to “provide for my son and give him what I never had.” She and her husband, David Rivera, 30, moved into the apartment with the help of a New York City rental subsidy program called Advantage, which was started in 2007 and aims to get people out of the shelter system by providing financial assistance for the first two years of residency. The family would start off paying $300 a month in rent, roughly a third of the full cost, and pay more over time as they transitioned to independence. But when the program ended, and Ms. Rivera lost her job, the couple were unable to stretch their income to keep up with the rent, and they found themselves facing eviction.
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