Groups Say State Broke Promise to Fund Autism Therapy for Kids

Sacramento Business Journal

June 14, 2013


A coalition of children’s health and autism support organizations alleges the state has reneged on its promises to children with autism who are moving from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal. The state budget deal between Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders fails to include $50 million to pay for medically necessary autism services for children on Medi-Cal. Previously approved by the Senate Budget Committee, the provision was voted down Monday by the Budget Conference Committee. It would have provided applied behavioral analysis services for children with autism who are enrolled in Medi-Cal. “Particularly at a time when the state’s fiscal outlook is improving, it is unjust to pass a budget that continues to deprive children of medically necessary care and causes serious harm to children with autism and their families,” Jamila Iris Edwards, Northern California director of Children’s Defense Fund-California, said in a news release. “The state has broken its promise that no child would lose access to critical health care in the Healthy Families transition.”
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