CDF Freedom Schools’ Training

Duke Engage

June 12, 2013


After a few days acclimating to our new life in Charlotte, we four Freedom School Servant Leader Interns (SLIs) stepped on a bus to Knoxville, TN in order to become part of the movement that is Freedom Schools, as well as learn about the curriculum we will deliver to our scholars this summer. I didn’t know what to expect from this gathering of almost 2,000 SLIs and various officials, but I was still surprised when, getting off the bus, I was greeted to the tune of “Walk Across That Crosswalk” a song developed about walking across the crosswalk to the dorms at University of Tennessee. It was a creation of the Ella Baker Trainers (EBT), a group of fifty young students who had completed two years as SLIs and then decided to become the teachers of the reading curriculum and generally keep everyone excited and enthusiastic about training.
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