'Children's Sabbath' Puts Focus on Kids

The Star Press – Muncie, Indiana

October 19, 2012


MUNCIE — The world’s religions have many things in common — prayer or meditation, a belief in a Higher Power, a sense of forgiveness — but the focus on the innocence of children is what will be celebrated this weekend. Nationally, Oct. 18 through 21 has been designated as the National Observance of the Children’s Sabbaths, a time to honor the lives of youngsters through a variety of spiritual practices. Locally, members of the Muncie Interfaith Fellowship have also used this weekend to address the role children can play to bring communities closer together rather than driving them apart. “Children are the future but they are also a reflection of society’s values and beliefs,” said George Wolfe, the chairperson of the MIF. “But the religions also call us to desire a child’s innocence as a value ... it’s a metaphor for what we should all return to as we mature spiritually, but children can also bring us together.” The Children’s Defense Fund has called on all faiths across the nation to use this weekend to celebrate all that youngsters bring to the world: laughter, emotions, simplicity, unconditional love.
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