Protect Children Not Guns 2013

Release Date: July 24, 2013
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CDF's Protect Children Not Guns 2013 is a compilation of the most recent and reliable national and state data on gun violence in America. This report provides the latest statistics on firearm deaths by race, age and manner; highlights state gun violence trends and efforts to prevent child access to guns; dispels common myths about guns; and outlines progress at the federal and state level since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In 2010, 2,694 children and teens died from guns in the United States—one child or teen every three hours and 15 minutes, seven every day, 51 every week for a year. More than six times as many children and teens—18,270—suffered nonfatal gun injuries as gun deaths in 2010. This is equal to one child or teen every 30 minutes, 50 every day, and 351 children and teens every week. Order a hard-copy of the report.

Part I

Foreword by Marian Wright Edelman


Stand Up and Take Action

The Truth About Guns

What the NRA Doesn’t Want You to Know

The Nation’s Gun Violence Bill

Progress Since the Newtown Massacre

Federal Policy Hall of Shame

Part II

Child and Teen Gun Deaths

Child and Teen Gun Injuries

International Gun Death Comparisons

We Can Do Better: Action Steps

Selected Mass Shootings Involving Children

The Invisible Wounds of Gun Violence

Gun Deaths in the States

Saving Lives with Smarter Technology: Personalized Guns

Steps by States to Protect Children Not Guns

State Policy Hall Of Shame

Organizations Working to Prevent
Gun Violence

Part III

Appendix   Endnotes