Each Day in America for American Indian and Alaska Native Children

January 2014

  • 1 child or teen dies from an accident.
  • 1 baby dies before his or her first birthday.
  • 2 children are arrested for violent crimes.
  • 5 children are arrested for drug crimes.
  • 10 babies are born at low birthweight.
  • 11 public school students are corporally punished.**
  • 18 babies are born to teen mothers.
  • 19 babies are born without health insurance.
  • 21 children are confirmed as abused or neglected.
  • 33 babies are born into extreme poverty.
  • 44 babies are born into poverty.
  • 54 children are arrested.
  • 67 high school students drop out.**
  • 84 babies are born to unmarried mothers.
  • 129 public school students are suspended.**

*Based on 180 school days a year. See Endnotes in The State of America's Children 2014 for citations.

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