Full-Day Kindergarten in the States

Release Date: February 1, 2013
File Format: pdf

CDF has taken a snap shot of the status of kindergarten in America in order to focus the national, state and local dialogue on the missing half-step of our public school K-12 system. We conducted a thorough review of literature and state statutes, as well as research correspondence and calls with states’ department of education staff for clarification.

What Do the Colors Mean?

GREEN: Full-day kindergarten is provided at no charge to all children per state statute and funding.

ORANGE: State only requires school districts to offer half-day kindergarten and cannot charge tuition.

YELLOW: No state statute requires districts to offer any type of kindergarten program although many school districts offer half-day kindergarten at a minimum.

RED: State allows school districts to charge families tuition for the “other portion of the kindergarten day”.

50 State Factsheets

Alabama Georgia Maine Nevada Oregon Virginia
Alaska Hawaii Maryland New Hampshire Pennsylvania Washington
Arizona Idaho Massachusetts New Jersey Rhode Island Washington, D.C.
Arkansas Illinois Michigan New Mexico South Carolina West Virginia
California Indiana Minnesota New York South Dakota Wisconsin
Colorado Iowa Mississippi North Carolina Tennessee Wyoming
Connecticut Kansas Missouri North Dakota Texas
Delaware Kentucky Montana Ohio Utah  
Florida Louisiana Nebraska Oklahoma Vermont

It is our intent to report annually on the state of the state of kindergarten in America and to support the increase in Full-Day K as it becomes a required step in our K-12 system of public education.

Special thanks to Dr. Kristie Kauerz, Project Director, PreK-3rd Grade Education, College of Education, University of Washington for her assistance.