Children in the States Factsheets 2015

Release Date: October 21, 2015
File Format: pdf

These factsheets provide basic statistics and rankings regarding poverty, health, hunger, child welfare, early childhood development, education and youth at risk for children in each state. We hope that providing key state and national data in a concise uniform format will enable readers to see how their own state is doing, look at neighboring states and the national average, and then urge their elected officials (at the federal, state, and local level) to do more for children.

Data for the Children in the States fact sheets are the most current available as of October 21, 2015.

State-by-state Factsheets

Alabama Georgia Maine Nevada Oregon Virginia
Alaska Hawaii Maryland New Hampshire Pennsylvania Washington
Arizona Idaho Massachusetts New Jersey Rhode Island Washington, D.C.
Arkansas Illinois Michigan New Mexico South Carolina West Virginia
California Indiana Minnesota New York South Dakota Wisconsin
Colorado Iowa Mississippi North Carolina Tennessee Wyoming
Connecticut Kansas Missouri North Dakota Texas  
Delaware Kentucky Montana Ohio Utah  
Florida Louisiana Nebraska Oklahoma Vermont