Race and Ethnic Groups in the 2000 Census

The following file name patterns are used by CDF in naming data files created from the 2000 Census. There is a separate file for each race or ethnic group. The first two characters of the file name refer to state abbreviation (e.g., any file beginning with AL contains data for Alabama and all its counties, cities, and congressional districts). The next five digits show the race or ethnic group described in this file, using codes established by the Census Bureau and listed in the table below (e.g,. 00014 for all races combined). The last three characters describe the file format (e.g., txt for plain text files).

  • AL00014.txt = All race/ethnic groups combined
  • AL00016.txt = White alone (i.e., person listed no other race)
  • AL00017.txt = Black or African American alone
  • AL00018.txt = American Indian and Alaska Native alone
  • AL00019.txt = Asian alone
  • AL00020.txt = Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander alone
  • AL00021.txt = Some other race alone
  • AL00022.txt = Two or more races
  • AL00023.txt = Hispanic or Latino (overlaps with racial group)
  • AL00024.txt = White alone, not Hispanic or Latino