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A child in the United States has a 1 in 5 chance of being poor. #EndChildPoverty
1 in 3 Hispanic children under 5 is poor during years of rapid brain development. #EndChildPoverty
More than 1 in 4 urban children, and nearly 1 in 4 rural children is poor. #EndChildPoverty
1 in 5 children is poor; 14.7 million children in America. #EndChildPoverty
1 in 5 children is poor; 14.7 million children in America. #EndChildPoverty
1 in 6 Black children is extremely poor living on less than $8 a day. #EndChildPoverty
1 in 7 Hispanic children under 5 is extremely poor. #EndChildPoverty
1 in 8 Hispanic children is extremely poor. #EndChildPoverty
Nearly 1 in 9 White children is poor; 4.1 million children. #EndChildPoverty
14.7 million children lived below the poverty line in 2013 — $23,834 for a family of 4. #EndChildPoverty
6.5 million children were extremely poor in 2013. #EndChildPoverty
44% of poor children lived in extreme poverty in 2013 – less than $11,917 for a family of 4. #EndChildPoverty
We can #EndChildPoverty now for millions of children. Find out how: #EndChildPoverty
Poverty hurts children and our nation’s future. #EndChildPoverty
14.7 million poor children in our nation exceeds the populations of 12 U.S. states combined.#EndChildPoverty
The younger children are, the poorer they are during their years of greatest brain development. #EndChildPoverty
1 in 2 Black babies is poor, 150 years after slavery was legally abolished. #EndChildPoverty
Among 35 industrialized countries, America is 34th in child poverty, ahead only of Romania. #EndChildPoverty
U.S. children more likely to be poor than children in 33 other advanced economies. We can #EndChildPoverty Learn how:
We can shrink child poverty 60 percent by investing more in programs that work. #EndChildPoverty
It costs our nation $500 billion a year to let millions of children languish in poverty. #EndChildPoverty
Reducing child poverty 60% would cost only an additional 2% of U.S. federal budget, 0.5% of 2010 GDP. #EndChildPoverty