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  • 01/01/05
    2005 State of America's Children, Chapter 6, Youth Development
    "Youth Development: Poverty and the Pipeline to Prison," Chapter 6 of the 2005 State of America's Children report.
  • 01/01/05
    State of America's Children 2005® Report
    CDF's State of America's Children 2005 report is a compilation of national and state-by-state data on poverty, family income and jobs, health, disparities in health, early childhood and child care, education, youth development, and child welfare.
  • 11/01/90
    Building Youth Corps
    This report describes the various youth corps programs in existence and how these youth corps programs help address the needs of today's youth by stressing discipline and structure, reinforcement of basic skills, and how the corps provide dependable labor for community improvement projects.
  • 05/01/89
    Service Opportunities for Youths
    This report provides an overview of the emerging youth service movement, focusing on some of the organizations and model programs that have reinforced and built upon the foundation of service in traditional civic, youth, and religious organizations. These new creative programs hope to tap a vast reservoir of youth talent and energy, channeling them into service activities to meet the nation's needs.
  • 03/01/89
    Tackling the Youth Employment Problem
    This report examines the direct relationship between youth employment, or lack thereof, to teen pregnancy, and how communities in providing opportunities for employment of youth, can help eleviate other issues, such as teen pregnancy and juvenile delinquency.
  • 01/01/89
    State Youth Employment Initiatives: A Resource Guide and Framework for Action
    A report designed to help state policy makers and community leaders identify new ways to meet the employment and training needs of youths within their state.
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